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Marvellous Stones

New varieties of marble and onyx and special manufacturing techniques

Considered the noble stones par excellence, thanks to the great aesthetic value given by their stunning veining and unique brightness, marble and onyx have always been symbols of elegance and luxury. In the latest Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors collection, new varieties and innovative manufacturing techniques have been introduced to enhance the beauty and charm of the furniture.

Protagonists of the living room, Ragali side and central tables stand out thanks to the possibility to select the special “Scagliola” finish. Typical of the Florentine Renaissance, this ancient technique blurring the line between art and craftsmanship was adopted for the creation of decorative objects and architectural elements. They can be found in some of the most renowned places in Florence, such as the Uffizi gallery, the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte, Palazzo Pitti and the Opificio delle pietre dure.

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In Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors line, this artisanal process is used for the creation of distinctive animal patterns, through a special procedure in which the white Carrara marble is inlaid and filled with a compound based on gypsum.

The timeless beauty of the stones can be perceived also in the scenographic Turkana coffee table, whose composition of asymmetric tops in different colors and shades recalls the irregular beauty of natural elements. The possibility to choose various materials of the collection allows to create personalized combinations: among others, grey onyx, emerald onyx, white onyx and silk georgette marble are blended to create a suggestive and harmonious composition.

Finally, moving to the dining room, the impressive Nyos table catches the eye with its ultra-chic allure and sculptural figure. The piece of furniture features a metal base made up of an original game of curved lines, while the top with irregular shape, available in different kind of marble or onyx, is completed with a metal lazy-suzan with laser engraved logo, signing and sealing the quality of the table.

The collection includes

Rchi Ragali Side Table 2022


Rag 231 A 01


Ra2 232 A


Ra2 231 B


Rc Turkana Side Table1


Rchi Turkana Central Table 2022


Nyo 123 A 01


Rc Jipe Side Table


Jip 231 A 01


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