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Welcoming luxury

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors reveals its most delicate character in a selection of settings with a sophisticated mood and a soft colour palette. The neutral shades of ivory and beige enhance the sensual comfort and cosiness of the furnishings, while the loud note of the animal prints in their natural tones enliven the environment, lending it a bold look, in line with the spirit of the brand. The gold surfaces and details accentuate the luxurious charm of the furniture, creating an amazing scenography where style, character and elegance coexist.

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Welcoming Luxury 02

With its sinuous lines and soft shapes, Kruger sofa expresses perfectly the concept of welcoming luxury. The extreme care in the workmanship is visible in the sartorial details, such as the golden line that runs along the perimeter of the sofa. The sofa is combined with the exotic charm of the Paje low table. The structure in metal supports a top consisting of an irregularly shaped element, which opens like the petal of a water flower. A piece of furniture able to offer a precious and poetic note to the living space.

The collection includes

Rchi Kruger Sofa 01


Rchi Curacao Armchair Cover 2022


Rchi Davis Armchair Cover 2022


Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Limbo Pouf Cover 2023


Rchi Paje Central Side Table 01


Rc Sahara Side Table 2022


Welcoming Luxury 03

An emotional trip to the heart of the African savannah. Baobab is a sculptural table featuring a top made up of five irregularly shaped marble elements that recall the foliage of the baobab and a base of cylindrical tubes reminding the trunk of the tree. Flanking the table, Shira chairs: bold and full of personality, they combine design, Made in Italy craftsmanship and glamorous charm. The seat is characterized by light and slender lines, given by the thin cone-shaped legs and the opening of the backrest.

Welcoming Luxury 03

The collection includes

Rchi Baobab Round Dining Table 2022


Rchi Shira Chair 2022


Rchi Kasai Cabinet


Welcoming Luxury 05

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of giving new life to fragments of broken objects, enhancing the new ribs created. This is the inspiration behind the headboard of the Elgon bed, where the refined decorations also bring to mind the typical animalier patterns of the Cavalli world.

Welcoming Luxury 05

The collection includes

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Elgon Bed Cover


Rchi Trinidad Night Table Cover


Rchi Morne Console


Rchi Key West Chair 2022

Key west

Rchi Witch Mirror New


Rchi Sioraf Chandelier