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Exuberant, Glamorous, Rock:

The Wild Dining celebrates Cavalli’s DNA through a mix of pieces with an eclectic style

Exuberant, Glamorous, Rock. As part of the new stylistic direction of Fausto Puglisi, Creative Consultant of the Maison, the Wild Dining by Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors completes the furnishing offerings presented in recent months.

In the most convivial place, the meeting one par excellence, Cavalli’s DNA is celebrated through a mix of pieces with a composite and eclectic style, blending the brands typical energetic sensuality, with the luxury of precious and sought-after materials. The ambience is distinguished by the use of animal prints, with a particular focus on natural and soft earth tones, a Cavalli aestethic characteristic element, juxtaposed with leather and the bright accents of metallics and fangs, the golden components that contribute to the creation of a setting with a unique and bold personality.

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The collection includes

Rchi Kibo Dining Table


Rchi Shira Chair 2022


Rchi Soira Sideboard


Rchi Acapulco Bookcase


Rchi Witch Mirror New


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At the centre of the scene is the new Kibo table-sculpture, with a composition in between art and design, perfect expression of the craftsmanship excellence that distinguishes the brand. Consisting of a base with wavy lines painted in brushed bronze, combined with a top in a glossy grey Carbalho slab, the table is perfectly complemented by the Shira chair, a piece of furniture rich in personality that combines design, Made in Italy craftsmanship and glamorous charm. Upholstered in Wild Jaguar silk, matched with the black leather of the seat, the chair is characterized by light and slender lines, given by the thin cone-shaped legs and the opening of the backrest.

Fresh from the 2021 collection, the new Soira sideboard completes the room. Composed of two sculptural volumes made from contrasting materials – grey Carbalho and grey porcelain gres with glossy finishing – the sideboard is enriched with the RC monogram logo in brass and features an interior with tempered bronzed glass shelves.

Elegant lines and scenographic forms also distinguish the Acapulco bookcase, presented with a new cover in Wild Tiger fabric for the panels and in leather with "stella" quilting for the doors. Thanks to its contemporary design, the bookcase is a scenic and decorative element, which versatility allows to place it in the middle of the room or as a partition, paving the way to endless aesthetic and functional possibilities.

The ensemble is enriched by the large round Witch mirror with an antique bronze finishing frame and a convex shape that creates a “magical” effect while playing with proportions. The Kioga chandelier, made of brass with a laser animal pattern, completes the ambience in line with the mood of the collection.

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