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Colors, patterns and designs

Patchwork style

Imaginative, creative, sensual: the essence of Roberto Cavalli fashion style has always been expressed in an inimitable patchwork of colors and patterns. Rich in inspirations from the natural world, the patchwork motifs combine different suggestions in a mix of elements and contaminations showing the creativity and eclecticism that distinguish the brand.

The Home Interior line has always been inspired by the Maison's style, declining the theme of patchwork in different ways, year after year.


The collection includes

Rchi Acapulco Bookcase


Rchi Limbo Bed


Rc Antigua Side Table 1


Rchi Kingston Modular Sofa 2022


Rchi Sharpei Chair



The evolution of patchwork

In the 2018 collection, the creative path shows an evolution of the concept of patchwork, expressed in unique compositions in which elements in leather and precious metals meet different fabrics, all characterized by the famous patterns and motifs, such as the iconic animalier print.

Like in the sofas with different upholsteries or in the modular bookcases, showing an alternation between full and empty volumes of different shapes, colors and sizes. The "patchwork effect" is also visible in the base of the sculptural tables, where metal elements with different thicknesses, heights and finishes give life to scenographic and striking pieces of furniture.