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Daring, confident and sensual

Patterns and fabrics of the 2019 collection

Always inspired by nature, the Roberto Cavalli style has translated the colours and decorations of the jungle into common language, transforming the animal patterns into instruments of everyday seduction. With their prints, colours and textures, fabrics have become, both in fashion as in design, a major vehicle of meanings and emotions.

In the 2019 collection, new audacious wild animal patterns upholster iconic sofas and armchairs, perfectly expressing Roberto Cavalli’s intriguing and sensual style.

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The collection includes

Rchi Dudley Armchair Cover 2022


Rc Guam Bergere 2


Rchi Maclaine Armchair 2023


Rchi Sharpei Armchair Cover


Rchi Snake Armchair Cover


Rchi Inanda Armchair 2023


Rchi Kivu Chair 2022


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The lynx motif is inspired by the brand’s fashion offering. A print fabric that lends the armchairs a super light, airy charm that effortlessly enhances the setting adding a glamorous touch.

The animalier camouflage is a pattern with mimetic effect, a special variation of military style that conquers celebrities as well as designers. A motif that exudes a bold and active sensuality. Daring and confident, this new print adds an urban slant to a luxurious and sensual aesthetic.

Finally, the archival snake pattern is connected to the fashion house’s most iconic symbol, the tempting snake, an allusion to the original sin.

The fabrics upholstering the seats are thus enriched with new patterns, new colors and new inspirations: the lynx, camouflage and the snake patterns are developed in a versatile palette of pink, ivory white, military green and gray, in line with the chic and sensual taste of the new collection, while jacquard fabrics are available with a lynx print and a snake scale design, in the same colors.

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