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Cavalli Mansion

Combining the real and the virtual, art and design, the Cavalli Mansion takes us on an immersive, interactive and innovative exploration of the Roberto Cavalli lifestyle. An intriguing experience inspired by the world of gaming, with furniture and design coming together in a realistic setting that can be freely explored through point-of-view photography.

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As we enter the Cavalli Mansion we are taken by the hand and led on an experiential journey through a metaphysical space, a non-place made up of a number of rooms each inspired by a different idea and taking us to another world. The result is a richly imaginative journey that goes beyond the rational logic of the building and catches the eye with its stunning, changing settings.

Each item in the collection can be viewed using zoom-in and rotate features, and extra detail is provided with additional product information and photos. Plus with just one click visitors ready to give in to temptation can go straight to the brand’s official online shopping channels.

Take the chance to discover Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors pieces in a new, unconventional way. On the spotlight, the furnishings from the new Wild collection, characterised by a bold style, where natural inspirations explode into a kaleidoscope of patterns, shades and decorations.

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The collection includes

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Papeete Chaise Longue 03


Rchi Maui Side Table


Rc Soho Rectangular Dining Table1


Rchi Shira Chair 2022


Rchi Turkana Central Table 2022


Rchi Darlington 2 Modular Sofa 2022